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Selected Projects Edition 5

We present the projects selected in the 5th edition of The Incubator.


Angeles lives in an apartment with two roommates: a mental health problem and a western video game she is addicted to. The appearance of Ripli, a mysterious character from the video game, will lead Angeles to live an emotional adventure between the two worlds.
  • Director: Elena Tara
  • Producers: Eva Moreno y Cristina Urgel
  • Screenwriter: Elena Tara
  • Genre: Drama fantástico
  • Produced by: Not Alone Productions
  • Country: Spain
Coofilm 1st edition and Cima Impulsa 1st edition
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Last Night I Conquered the City of Thebes

António and Jota spend the afternoon with friends at some ancient Roman baths. There, they’ll have an impossible encounter with Aurelius and Pompey, two of the soldiers who built them. Although more than 2000 years come between them, António and Aurelius share a common fear: losing their best friend forever.
  • Director: Gabriel Azorín
  • Producer: Carlos Pardo Ros
  • Screenwriters: Celso Giménez y Gabriel Azorín
  • Genre: Ficción
  • Producida por: DVEIN Films (Spain), Filmika Galaika (Spain) & Primeira Idade (Portugal)
Ikusmira Berriak Residencies
Spanish Film Academy Residencies
AGADIC project development support
Award for best project at the Seville Film Festival Co-Production Forum
Pre-sale of rights to RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal)
Sales agent SHELLAC
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‘Disposable’ tells the story of an invisible man who rebels against corruption and injustice in Colombia. With the help of a powerful drug, he initiates a violent rebellion of the homeless to overthrow the powers that be.
  • Director: Carlos Gómez Salamanca
  • Producer: Miguel Molina
  • Screenwriters: Diego Cañizal, Alfonso Amador, Carlos Gómez Salamanca
  • Genre: Animación, Ciencia ficción, drama
  • Produced by: JAIBO FILMS (Spain) AND NOCROMA (Colombia)
Colombia Fund, Proimágenes.
Participation in the 60th Edition of the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (awards):
– Post-production sound teaser by Sonata Films.
– Production and distribution consultancy by MADLOVE.
– Participation in the BAM 2020 Market.
– Registration in Filmarket Hub.
Participation from Ventana Sur Pitch Award, selection at Annecy (France) with MIFA Award.
IVC 2021 (Valencian Institute of Culture) development support.
Toulouse Animation Lab. Best Project Award.
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Festina Lente

When their mother dies, 42-year-old Daniel has to care for his twin brother Alejandro, who has cerebral palsy. After years without seeing each other, Daniel and Alejandro are reunited and learn to see each other for what they really are: brothers.
  • Director: Carlos Villafaina
  • Producer: Sergio Grobas
  • Screenwriters: Carlos Villafaina and Núria Dunjó
  • Genre: Drama
  • Produced by: Mayo films
  • Country: España
Faberllull Residencies.
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The humdrum life of Simona, a lonely macramé hobbyist in her sixties, changes radically when Clara, a young South American domestic helper, makes her feel the knots on her own skin. The two of them will become tied, quite literally, to the pleasure of a perverse relationship with no return.
  • Director: Bárbara Magdalena
  • Producers: Iván Luis, Andrea Jaurrieta
  • Screenwriter: Bárbara Magdalena
  • Genre: Drama
  • Produced by: Lasai Producciones S.L
  • Country: Spain
Spanish Film Academy Residencies 2021/2022
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