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Selected – III Edition

Los Quinquis

  • Director: Yayo Herrero
  • Executive producer: Mintxo Díaz
  • Screenwriter: Yayo Herrero
  • Genre: Drama
  • Produced by: Dynamite Films
  • Country: Spain

Project selected at the Scriptwriting Workshop MEDIA Europe Creative 2019
Torino Feature Lab – Extended 2019.


In Madrid’s most marginal neighborhoods, the paths of two teenage twin brothers diverge for the first time in their lives when they try to escape the environment they’re living in.

Yayo Herrero

Director, writer and producer. He studied filmmaking at ECAM. His multi-awarded pieces have been acknowledged at prestigious film festivals such as The Cannes Critics’ Week, Pöff – Tallinn Black Nights, Sitges Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Austin Fantastic Fest, Malaga Film Festival and Seminci in Valladolid, receiving more than 100 prizes from all over the world. As well as a nomination at the 2015 Goya Awards. His debut feature The Maus was set to debut on Netflix worldwide and selected at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival and the Austin Fantastic Fest.

Mintxo Díaz

In 2011 he created the DYNAMITE FILMS production company, with which he develops film production works. He participated in programs such as Berlinale Talents (2017), IDFA Academy (2018) and Torino Feature Lab – Extended (2019) producing 6 short films, 2 feature length films and 3 documentaries (two of them international co-productions with Mexico and Bosnia), receiving grants from Spain, México, Bosnia and international programs like Ibermedia.


Adan and Lois are two twin brothers who have shared everything since they were born in one of Madrid’s most marginal neighborhoods. Both of them have been raised in “The Red Tower”, an apartment building of rehoused residents controlled by the East European mafias. However, the close bond that unites them will change when they decide to escape the environment they live in.

Director’s note

Los Quinquis is a crime drama with a fictional tone that brings together true stories of several criminals from Spanish suburbs.

My twin brother and I have always been interested in the human side of this type of criminal thanks to our father, who worked as a D.A. for prison monitoring during the 80s and 90s. It’s something we grew up with and that’s why I’m excited about approaching this subject from a personal angle.

Producer’s note

Cine Quinqui, genre films revolving around delinquents from marginal neighborhoods, was a phenomenon in Spain in the 70s and 80s with movies like Deprisa, Deprisa, Navajeros or El pico. Films that I still enjoy every time I watch them. And today we still have our quinquis. But they have to be portrayed the way they managed to do it in those movies. Without exaggerating. Without tricks. Therefore, the project will include the presence of real criminals playing the leads. Plus the use of 16 mm, and music taken from the fringes of flamenco trap, will manage to convey the tremendous energy of their marginal world.

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