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Selected – III Edition

Antier noche

  • Director: Alberto Martín Menacho
  • Executive producer: Pedro Collantes
  • Screenwriter: Alberto Martín Menacho
  • Genre: Experimental
  • Produced by: Mizunonaka and Lomotion AG
  • Country: Spain, Switzerland

Project selected at the Ikusmira Berriak, San Sebatian International Film Festival 2019, Upcoming Lab, Journées de Soleure 2016 Novos Cinemas’s Lab.


An ensemble film revolving around four young people living in the same territory, and who grow up questioning the stagnation of their society’s present. Antier noche deals with universal issues on a local level; it is a reflection on what shapes us as individuals.

Alberto Martín Menacho

Trained in Visual Arts at the Haute école d’art et de design in Geneva, his work has been screened at the Museum de l’Elysée, Filmmuseum München, Entrevues Belfort, Alcine or the International Film Festival Rotterdam. With Mi amado, las montañas he received the Award for Best Short Film at the Las Palmas International Film Festival and the Peninsulas Prize at the Curtocircuíto International Film Festival. Antier noche is his first feature length film, and is part of the San Sebastian International Film Festival’s Ikusmira Berriak residency program.

Pedro Collantes

With MIZUNONAKA, he produced three short films directed by himself: Serori, Nothing Stranger and the Spanish-French co-production Ato san nen. His most recent production is the animated short film Muedra, written and directed by César Díaz Meléndez and nominated for a Goya Award for Best Animated Short Film. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences since 2018.


This story begins in winter and ends in summer, during the final months of a greyhound dog’s life. When 11-year-old Martín finds a greyhound hanging from a tree in the woods, he’ll rethink his future in the violent hunting environment. Ana works in the country but wants to try her luck in the city which is why she has to negotiate the terms of her relationship with her boyfriend Juan Luis. Cristina is a single mother who returns to the town where she gave birth. She works at the slaughterhouse and must readjust to a life she’s already familiar with, but has never experienced in her role as a mother.

Director’s note

Antier noche is an expression that I’ve heard my grandmother say forever. It speaks of something that happened the night before last, it’s an old expression that’s currently in disuse. I want to observe primitive elements of the human being that still endure over time, such as hunting and migratory movements, two principles intrinsically linked to the history of the Human Race.

This film observes hunting, but is not a film about hunting; it’s a reason to travel back in time, through the violence inherent in it, and seek answers in psychology. It’s a sociological story with a cultural heritage in a rural context. It’s a story of love, and of estrangement as well, of loneliness, and of the beauty of youth.

Producer’s note

The positive response at national and international festivals to Mi amado, las montañas, Alberto Martín Menacho’s previous piece, has programmers keeping an eye out for his next one. In this film, the same characters and the same environment were portrayed that the director wishes to continue exploring in his first feature length film, Antier Noche.

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