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Selected Projects – Edition II

La Mala Familia

Details & Credits
  • Directors: Nacho A.Villar and Luis Rojo
  • Screenwriters: Nacho A.Villar, Luis Rojo and Frank Lucas
  • Producer: Javi Tasio
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Spain
  • Produced by: BRBR, Garlic & Japónica Films

2018, outskirts of Madrid. Andrés, Natanael and Johansson are going to jail for a crime committed four years ago. Three teenagers together in a headlong rush to freedom.

Nacho A. Villar and Luis Rojo

Nacho A. Villar and Luis Rojo are the directors of BRBR, a group of audiovisual creators working from the intersections between film, visual arts, music and fashion. Their works have been presented, among others, at FICUNAM, Loop Barcelona, Seminci, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Centro Arte 2 de Mayo, Alcine, Berlin Music Video Awards, Ars Independent Katowice, Figari Film Fest, Semana del Cine Medina del Campo, GAM Santiago de Chile.

Javi Tasio

Javier Tasio is a producer, musician and audiovisual creator. In 2005 he created the DeVerbena multidisciplinary design studio from where he promotes film, theater, music, TV and advertising projects with great visual creativity. As an independent film producer he has worked on numerous short films and the feature length films Nosotros (2017) by Felipe Vara de Rey and Los inocentes (2018) by Guillermo Benet, winner of the award for best feature film and best screenplay from the Community of Madrid 2018. He was a member of the production department on films like Some time later (2018) by Jose Luis Cuerda. La Mala Familia is the final project that will close this particular trilogy about different generations in the city of Madrid.

Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas, along with BRBR (Nacho A.Villar and Luis Rojo), is the screenwriter of La Mala Familia. He holds a degree in ADE (Business Management), Advertising and PR; and in film and Audiovisual Media, specializing in film directing and direction producing from the ESCAC. He worked as an assistant director on the film Barcelona Summer Night (2012, directed music videos like Black Roses by Leila or Ready pa morir by Yung Beef. With a great passion for series, in 2015 for his final graduation project he presented the series WV$P, making the pilot episode with production by ESCAC film.


2018. It’s summer in a working-class area in the outskirts of Madrid. Andrés, Nata and Johansson are three friends waiting for the trial for a crime they committed four years ago. Oblivious to everything, they live these days of uncertainty among adventures, drugs, sex, partying and soccer games.
But when Andrés is informed that he is definitely going to jail for mistakes committed in the past, everything will change. The group of friends will see their foundations crumble and will enter a race against the clock where they have to tie up all the loose ends before coming to terms with their fateful destiny.
These 48 hours the group of friends have left to spend together will prove to be a necessary journey towards freedom.

Director’s note

This is the raw story of the postmillennial generation, who were born incredulous when faced with a world offering them no certainties, where classic values collapse with each tweet by a new influencer, and this decadence seems to be the only tangible thing to latch onto. Their intuition is correct, but fast life will give a voice to others, from their own generation, who are better trained, more good-looking, with better girlfriends and better cars; and when they go to jail or die, and when everything has passed and it’s all just a memory, the film will be the living voice of its characters.

Producer’s note

This story will be told with clear influences from neorealism and the 1980’s Spanish “quinqui” cinema (small time crooks) of Eloy de la Iglesia and Carlos Saura, or more contemporary films like La leyenda del tiempo by Isaki Lacuesta. All of this together with the emotional complicity and visual commitment with which we at BRBR and the entire crew are facing the project. Telling a local story to show a global moment, because our film is crossed by many realities of the times in which we live. That’s why La Mala Familia has the potential to be screened internationally.

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