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Selected Projects – Edition II


Details & Credits
  • Director: David Pérez Sañudo
  • Screenwriters: David Pérez Sañudo & Marina Parés Pulido
  • Producer: Katixa de Silva
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Spain
  • Produced by: Amania Films

Following the disturbances caused by the arrest of two alleged ETA members at a community youth center, a woman discovers that her teenage daughter, with whom she had a violent argument just hours before, hasn’t come home to sleep.

David Pérez Sañudo

David Pérez Sañudo has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the UC3M. He also holds a Master’s Degree in film direction from the ESCAC.

His first short film, Indirizzo (2011), was chosen by the ESCAC to be produced by Escandalo Films. At Amania Films he directed several shorts: Agur (2013), Malas Vibraciones (2014), Artificial (2015), Tiempos Muertos (2017), Aprieta pero raramente ahoga (2017) and Ane (2018). With these pieces he’s walked away with over 80 awards and more than 400 selections at international festivals. He is currently the content director for the Baskonia-Deportivo Alavés group and is preparing his first feature length film: Ane.

Katixa de Silva

Katixa de Silva holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarre. She is the line producer of the short films Vecinos (2009), Rhodéa (2010) or Mi lucha (2011), winner of the Huesca Film Festival and preselected for the Goya and the Oscar Academy Awards.

She did the executive production and production direction of the documentary La matanza de los balleneros vascos (2016), the production direction of La bola dorada (2018) and worked as production manager on Vitoria, 3 de marzo (2018). Since then, she works in the executive production of feature length fiction films for production companies like Pausoka Entertainment, Amania Films or cSc Films, combining this job with the production of commercial spots, music videos, short and feature length films.

Marina Parés Pulido

Marina Parés Pulido has a degree in audiovisual communication (2010-2014) from the University of Malaga. She holds a European Master’s Degree (2014-2016) in Film theory, History and Aesthetics from Paris University X – Nanterre La Défense.

In 2017 she received project production support from the ICAA for the short film Ane, co-scripted with David Pérez Sañudo. At the same time, the screenplay for this short film is inspired by the feature film project of the same name. During 2016 she did an internship at Palladium Productions (Paris, France). She is currently working with Iván Aledo on the postproduction of Sumendia, by Miguel Ángel Jiménez.


2008. Vitoria-Gasteiz. In the outskirts of the city, several men from the Ertzaintza’s (Basque Police) Special Operations Group burst into a gaztetxe (a community youth center). In the midst of all the hubbub and the protests, two alleged ETA members are arrested. Hours later, in the capital city of Alava itself, Ane, a sixteen year old girl, won’t be going home to sleep.

Despite her ex-husband Fernando’s concern, Lide, Ane’s mother, pretends to be calm: their daughter is just trying to draw attention to herself again. The previous morning they had a huge argument, product of an impossible mother-daughter relationship. However, they will soon discover that Ane was at the Gaztetxe just hours before the arrests. Lide, now forced to get along with her ex-husband, will start to search for her daughter and discover that she’s been living with a stranger.

Director’s note

Ane fulfils a need to depict a political moment: Basque society in 2008. The analysis of history a posteriori makes it necessary to reread what happened, to rethink the events knowing that in October 2011 the Event with a capital E would arrive: the definitive cessation of ETA’s activity. Memory is selective and there is little doubt this date will go down as one of the key issues of the first quarter of the 21st century.

Producer’s note

After receiving the support of the Basque Government for screenplays written by people under 30, Amania Films Production Company obtained the rights to Ane. Over all this time, the project has made steady progress and taken shape, and was selected at workshops like MEDIA desk Euskadi, CineLab (Colombia) or Filmarket Hub’s 5th Pitchbox, where the project received a special mention. After receiving support for Project Development from the Basque Government in 2017, Amania Films and FastProd signed a coproduction agreement, now certified by the ICAA and CNC. On the Spanish end, the project is already in the process of reaching 80% of the budget. This initial summary of the production status is intended to show that, from the outset, this film has been considered to be a perfect occasion for a co-production between Spain and France.

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