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Selected – I edition

We present the projects selected in the 1st edition of The Incubator. The final selection was made by an external committee formed by Marisa F. Armenteros, associate producer in the Mediapro film division; Koldo Zuazua, producer at Kowalski Films; Mercedes Martínez-Abarca, member of the programming department at the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) and Olimpia Pont, Cinematographic consultant and representative of the European Film Festival of Seville.

The pre-selection committee has been composed by Ana Puentes (screenwriter and script analyst), Marta García Larriu (producer and director of Another Way Film Festival), Diego Cañizal (screenwriter and script analyst) and Gemma Vidal (program manager La Incubadora).

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Old Man In Love

Carlos, a senior university professor, travels to Latin America in search of a young model with whom he has been communicating via email for months. He has never heard her voice or seen her live. But nothing is going to stop him: his love and foolishness have no limits.
  • Direction: Daniel Castro
  • Producers: Jaime Gona
  • Screenplay: Daniel Castro
  • Project / Genre: Comedy
  • Language: Spanish
  • Production company: Gonita Films
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Juan, a prison officer, observes in silence every Sunday as Berta, the mother of one of the prisoners, visits her son. The day that he finally manages to talk to her, he surprises himself by pretending to be another parent visiting the prison and inventing a prisoner daughter: Josefina.
  • Direction: Javier Marco
  • Producer: Sergy Moreno
  • Screenplay: Belén Sánchez-Arévalo
  • Project / Genre: Drama
  • Language: Spanish
  • Production company: White Leaf Producciones
Supported by DAMA Ayuda, Cima Mentoring, Abycine Lanza (Winner 2017) y MadridCreaLab (Winner 2017), La ventana del Cine Madrileño e I+P Ideas para Producir.
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The Beast

In a lost house in the middle of nowhere, a kid and his mother see how a chilling presence that watches them from the horizon is getting a little closer every day.
  • Direction: David Casademunt
  • Producer:Laura Rubirola
  • Screenplay: David Casademunt, Martí Lucas y Fran Menchón
  • Project / Genre: Terror
  • Language: Spanish
  • Production company: Fitzcarraldo Films S.L.
Project selected in Pitchbox de Filmarket Hub.
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The Innocence

A teenager faces an embarrassing situation.
  • Direction: Lucía Alemany
  • Producer: Lina Badenes
  • Screenplay: Laia Soler & Lucía Alemany
  • Project / Genre: Drama
  • Language: Spanish, Englih and Catalan
  • Production company: Turanga Films and Un capricho producciones
Con el apoyo de: IVAC e ICEC
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The Garcías

Finita (80 years old) talks every night to her German boyfriend, Manfred. She lives in Torrevieja, and he lives in Eppenheim. One night, Finita tells Manfred that she has discovered some old super 8 tapes in her house. That’s how she decides it’s time to go back to the past.
  • Direction: Paco Nicolás
  • Producers:Sara de la Fuente, Álvaro Díaz & Alberto Tortes
  • Screenplay: Paco Nicolás
  • Project / Genre: Documentary
  • Language: Spanish
  • Production company: Mammut
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