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Selected – I Edition

The Innocence

  • Direction: Lucía Alemany
  • Producers: Lina Badenes
  • Screenplay: Laia Soler & Lucía Alemany
  • Project / Genre: Drama
  • Language: Spanish, English and Catalan
  • Production company: Turanga Films and Un capricho producciones
  • Supported by: IVAC and ICEC

A teenager faces an embarrassing situation.

Lucía Alemany

Lucia Alemany was born in 1985 in Traiguera, a small Valencian town, where she grew up until the age of 18. She then traveled to Vic to start a degree in Communication Studies. In 2009, she moved to Barcelona and she began her studies at the ESCAC (The Cinema’s School to Catalonia). During those four years of investigation and incessant work, she learned how to give life to characters as well as how to capture the most sincere and pure emotion, which is spontaneous and real at the same time. Extracting real impulses from reality and returning again to the world transformed onto screen. Her passion for extreme realism led to perform several practices with non-professional actors and rely on improvisation to generate an engine of conflicts. After all this relentless pursuit for truth through interpretation, the shortfilm 14 years and one day was born. Shot in her hometown, in her mother tongue and with girls who play themselves as open as possible.

Lina Badenes

Graduate in Media studies from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Lina completed her studies in MEGA PLUS (European Master in Audiovisual Management), from Media Business School, PUENTES AUSTRALAB, from Eave (European Audiovisual Entrepeneurs), and in several workshops in Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV from San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba). In 2005 Lina started working as an independent producer in different projects in Italy, Uruguay, Cuba, Guatemala and USA. In 2011 she got back to Spain where she founded Turanga Films, a cinema production company with 10 projects to date, that have been traveled through hundreds of festivals and they have been sold to more than 25 countries in the 5 continents.

Laia Soler

Laia Soler Aragonés (Barcelona, 1986) studied Journalism in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and, afterwards, Cinema and Media studies with additional certification in Screenwriting in ESCAC. As a scriptwriter, she has worked for Televisió de Catalunya as a content editor and publisher in the documentary series Blanc sobre Blanc. She wrote Salvación, directed by Denise Castro for ESCAC Films, a featured film shot as a final project for the Master’s Degree form ESCAC School. She has been part of the TV series development staff from Arca Audiovisual (Filmax Group). During her career, she has also been creative advertising copywriter in some spots and she has collaborated in the script and direction of some short-films.


Lis is a teenage girl who dreams of leaving her hometown and becoming a circus star. Aware as she is that her parents will strongly oppose her will, she won’t give up. It ‘s summertime and Lis is busy sharing her time with her friends and her boyfriend, a few years her senior. The lack of privacy in such a small town and the constant gossip of the neighbours forces Lis to keep her relationship a secret. Autumn comes and the idyllic summer ends. Lis finds out she is pregnant.

Director´s note

“The stimulus that led me to make this film stems from the need to explain an intimate story experienced firsthand, a personal and very sincere story that becomes a universal story about early adolescence, heartbreak, friendship and the dangers of the relentless thirst for discovering everything new combined with ignorance and inexperience”.

Producer´s note

Innocence is a drama about the search for identity, with hints of absurd humor. A story about dreams, cultural traditions and family conflicts. An amusing portrait of the local customs and manners of Spanish towns. The topic and the conflicts the film deals with will make it more intimate for spectators. Adolescence, the search for identity and the struggle between living up to other’s expectations or being free.

La Inocencia Making 136©Sophie_Koehler
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