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Selected – I Edition

The Beast

    • Direction: David Casademunt
    • Producers: Laura Rubirola
    • Screenplay: David Casademunt, Martí Lucas & Fran Menchón
    • Project / Genre: Terror
    • Language: Spanish
    • Production company: Fitzcarraldo Films S.L.
    • Project selected in Pitchbox de Filmarket Hub.

In a lost house in the middle of nowhere, a kid and his mother see how a chilling presence that watches them from the horizon is getting a little closer every day.

David Casademunt

He studied “Cinematography direction” at ESCAC. Writter, and director of TV commercials, music-videos, shortfilms and documentaries.

In 2016 co-directed with JoanCapdevila the documentary “RUMBA TRES. THERE AND BACK AGAIN”, 1st place in the IN-EDIT BEEFEATER Festival.

His works have more than 60 international awards. He has directed music-videos for known artists like PABLO ALBORÁN, ANTONIO OROZCO, LUIS FONSI, NENA DACONTE, LOVE OF LESBIAN, CHENOA, MANUEL CARRASCO, THE PINKER TONES…

Laura Rubirola

Graduated in Business Administration and Management (UPF)
Technician in Audiovisual Production (EMAV)

Producer of the films El Cuerpo/The Body (2012) and ¿Quién mató a Bambi?/Who Killed Bambi? (2013).

In 2016 she creates the screenwriting school Showrunners Barcelona. More than 200 students have already taken a course in the school.

Between 2015 and 2016 she produces the shortfilms Medianoche/Midnight and Hasta Mañana/See you tomorrow, with her own production company “Tàndem Entertainment”. Both shortfilms have already won many international awards.

In 2015 she works as business affairs in the film Contratiempo/The invisible guest, released in 2017 (€3,6 milion at the Spanish box office). Contratiempo/The invisible guest has become the most watched Spanish-speaking live-action film in China (€25 milion at the box office).

During 2017 she has worked with the writer and director Claudia Llosa in the development of her scripts.

Currently, she works as business affairs in the movie Mirage, Oriol Paulo’s third film. And she is also working in the executive production of the film El Cometa Halley/Halley’s Comet by the director Fernando Trullols.

Fran Menchón (screenplay)

He studied “Writting” at ESCAC. He works as a director and screenwritter of music-videos, documentaries, shortfilms, TV commercials… He directed the documentary EL CAMINO, a movie with the participation of JOSÉ LUIS SAMPEDRO, TERESA FORCADES, IÑAKI GABILONDO, CARLOS BARDEM… He has directer more than 40 music-videos for known artists like PABLO ALBORÁN, ANTONIO OROZCO, LUIS FONSI, CHENOA, JOAN DAUSÀ,PABLO LÓPEZ… His works have several international awards. His shortfilm EL CALIPO went viral. He has written several feature-films.

Martí Lucas (screenplay)

He studied “Writting” at ESCAC. In TV has worked in FICTION department (Gran Nord), HUMOR (Crackòvia, Polònia), DOCUMENTARY (Les flors del mal, Voluntaris) and ENTERTAINING (Oh Happy Day, Ya te vale). Shortfilms he has written (Arte, Jingle Bells, La Muerte Dormida) have more than 50 internationals awards. He’s also the creator of several role playing games for TOT JUGAR company.


When Diego (11 years old) looks at the horizon, he feels chills. He only feels safe at home, a shack lost in the middle of nowhere. Since he was born there, he has never left. The strange stories that his parents tell him about the outside world make his blood run cold. One morning a boat appears across the river with a corpse inside. What happened to him? The father decides to take the dead man to the city, leaving his wife and son alone. Diego’s heart turns. Why? The family has never been separated. “I’ll be back very soon.” Silence, absence. Now there are only Diego and his mother, Lucia. The paternal vacuum is very strange. At first Lucia tries to cope with the situation with a forced naturalness, but the days pass and the anguish clings to them like a malignant tumor. One morning Lucia scans the distance and sees something: Who is it? But before Diego can see anything, the figure disappears. The story repeats itself day after day: Lucia sees that figure getting closer. At last one day is close enough for her to describe what she sees: it turns out to be something similar to a character from one of Dad’s horror stories. What’s going on? Is her mother going crazy? The monster is already a few steps from them and is going to enter the house. Panic is unbearable. Diego must do something or they both will die.

Director´s note

As viewers, we like to seek intense thrills and that’s precisely what we want to transmit: for people to get goosebumps, for them to go home unable to get bloodcurdling images out of their head, to be overcome with a very unpleasant feeling of insecurity when they turn the lights off to sleep. Only the truly great horror films cause these mysterious effects and that’s what we want to achieve here.

Producer´s note

Today, there are constant benchmarks of big box office independent horror movies that are successful every year: Get Out, It Follows, The Invitation, The Witch, it Comes at Night, The Babadook, Veronica… These are our guides when it comes to production and a success model. Ours will be a film with a low, controlled budget. We firmly believe that we can make a top-quality product with a very meticulous cost control.

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