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Selected – I Edition

Old Man In Love

  • Direction: Daniel Castro
  • Producer: Jaime Gona
  • Screenplay: Daniel Castro
  • Project / Genre: Comedia
  • Language: Spanish
  • Production company: Gonita Films

Carlos, a senior university professor, travels to Latin America in search of a young model with whom he has been communicating via email for months. He has never heard her voice or seen her live. But nothing is going to stop him: his love and foolishness have no limits.

Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro started his career as a feature writer with Algunas chicas doblan las piernas cuando hablan and El final de la noche (The end of the night). Since then he has also worked as a writer for Spanish TV shows such as the Ugly Betty adaptation, Yo soy Bea or the recent hit Gran Hotel. As a writer-director, Castro also shot three prize-winning short films: Sutura, 75 meters and After Shave.

It was on the no budget short After Shave that Castro made his debut as an actor. Since then, he has been hired as an actor in several shorts, feature films and TV shows, directed by renowned directors as David, Fernando and Jonás Trueba. Ilusión (2013) which he also wrote and produced, was his first feature film premiered at the Málaga Spanish film Festival where it won three prizes, including Best Picture at the independent selection ZonaZine. Since then, Ilusión won ten prizes in other festivals in Spain, Peru, Brazil and France.

Since he finished Ilusión he’s been writing for several TV shows (like the Spanish version of Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy) and also preparing his next film, Old man in love.

Jaime Gona

Founded in 2015, Gonita has produced and released the following feature films: Los comensales, directed by the actor and playwright Sergio Villanueva. Starring Juan Diego Botto, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Denise Despeyroux, Quique Fernández and Silvia Abascal. Los comensales is a tribute to theater, a tribute to friendship, a tribute to life and, in the words of the critic and journalist Javier Ocaña: “a film-toast to life in, among, for and through the theater”. Its official premiere was in the ZonaZine section of the Malaga Festival 2016 where it won the Audience Award. After its participation at festivals in Pinamar, Toulouse, Espagnolas en París, among others, and its screening in Buenos Aires, Dublin, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Lima, Bratislava, etc., Los comensales can be found in the programming on Movistar+, Filmin, and other VOD platforms.

In 2017 Gonita produced the third film by Víctor García León, Selfie, premiered at the Malaga Film Festival 2017, where it won the Critics’ Award and a Special Mention by the Jury.


Carlos is a professor of Spanish literature at the University of Navarra. He’s about 70 years old and is an expert in the literature of the Spanish Golden Age: from Cervantes to Lope de Vega and Quevedo. The college is a very prestigious one, but also very conservative, because it belongs to Opus Dei, a fairly strict Catholic group.

Despite its academic prestige and spectacular curriculum as a researcher, Carlos feels marginalized at the University, where he has not even reached the position of Head of department. He usually complains about his marginalization to his only friend, Marcelo, an Argentine colleague with whom he communicates almost daily via Skype.

The only women in Carlos’s life are his mother, an elderly woman who suffers Alzheimer’s and does not recognize her son despite his daily visits, and Elvira, the woman who cooks and cleans his house .

Carlos is registered on an online dating site, but no candidate seems adequate to him. Only when Claudia, a young swimsuit model with a very striking chest, contacts him, is Carlos really interested.

Director’s note

Old Man in Love is based on a true story I read about a year ago in a newspaper article. What impressed me about this incident was imagining this man, an old professor, travelling around the world to meet a woman much younger than him, an erotic model, who he’d only contacted in writing via Internet. The fact that a great academic eminence could fall for a hoax that would be so obvious to many people who are far less intelligent, struck me as fascinating, pathetic, heartbreaking and ridiculous, in other words, human.

Producer’s note

Daniel stamps his personality, his realism and his vision on the times we live in, when nothing and no one is what or who they promised to be and where, despite all the warnings and evidence, we’ve gone on with our lives without considering the consequences of our blindness, the same thing that happens to our hero, the Professor; expectations and desires never come even close to reality. Old Man in Love is based on a true story. It couldn’t be any other way.

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