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Selected – 4th Edition

Still Life with Ghosts

  • Director: Enrique Buleo
  • Executive producer: Alejandra Mora
  • Screenwriter: Enrique Buleo
  • Genre: Black comedy
  • Produced by: Quatre Films
  • Country: Spain

Project selected at Sources 2 and Abycine Lanza 2020 I Forum Albacete Audiovisual).


Distressed by the heartaches and trials of life and death, ghosts and humans in a small village in rural Spain do whatever they can to resolve their problems and have no qualms about relying on each other to do so.

Enrique Buleo

Born in Villanueva de la Jara (Cuenca). In 2001, he got his degree in Fine Arts from the UCLM and began to produce serialized graphic work, which he combined with the production of his first cinematic works.  Later he earned a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting from La Laguna University and began shooting short films.

In 2016 he directed Decorosa, a short film with international awards and more than 60 selections. In 2019 he directs Hell and Such, which premiered at the 57 Gijon Film Festival and won a Special Jury Mention at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, the ARTE Award at Filmfest Dresden and theThird Award at the Contest SGAE – Versión Española. He has obtained selections in the USA like Slamdance and Palm Springs among others like Guanajuato, or Toulouse, etc. The short has been acquired by Movistar+ and Castilla La Mancha Media.

Alejandra Mora

Producer and co-founder of Quatre Films. She has produced short films and feature films such as Tehran blues (2020) by Javier Tolentino, in co-production with Eddie Saeta, closing film at the 58th Gijón International Film Festival. An elephant on a spider’s web by Rolando Díaz, Hell and such by Enrique Buleo (2019), Special Mention of the Jury at Clermont Ferrand, La casa de Coto by Guillermo Alcalá-Santaella and Lucrecia by Eva Marín (2016). She has participated as executive producer in Petitet, rumba pa´ti, by Carles Bosch (2018), produced by Lastor Media, Gaudí Award 2019.

She develops film projects such as Case File 3/94, documentary feature film by Abel García Roure, Sola no by Doriam Alonso and If you wish to make an apple pie by Nagore Eceiza, selected in the Noka Mentoring program at Tabakalera in Donosti.


A movie theater converted into a gym, a warehouse for storing straw or a handicapped mother’s room are some of the places where the six stories that make up Still Life with Ghosts take place.

An episodic film where ghosts and humans from a small inland village in Spain support one another in an attempt to put an end to the problems that haunt them.

Eduardo returns to Earth to complete the transformation that he has dreamed of for decades.

Paqui tries to prevent her hostile, dying husband’s plans from taking effect. Fausti and Sebastian hope to put an end to their pitiful economic situation by drawing on ghostly folklore. Luz wants to end her loneliness by following the guidelines set out by a show featuring paranormal content. Mariángeles pretends to connect with a spirit to tell her mother something she doesn’t dare to share with her. A ghost regrets being trapped in a very different place than the one he expected to return to in order to complete a task he left unfinished.

Director’s note

There are limitations that are accepted and others that are not. There are limitations that we fight against because there are possibilities of demolishing or transgressing them. There are others that, faced with the impossibility of accepting them and/or demolishing them, condemn us to fantasizing. We are surrounded by them, from physical to moral ones, but presiding over all of them is the limitation par excellence: death.

Still Life with Ghosts is an episodic feature length film consisting of five short stories where death, through the presence of ghosts or the mere belief in them, plays a leading role. Some of them are unfinished stories, where the emphasis is really on the nature and characteristics of the situation that the characters find themselves in.

Producer’s note

From the moment I met Enrique Buleo, it was very easy to connect with his universe, landscapes of solitude and abandonment make mirages and fantasy possible. The scenarios and characters that appear in Buleo’s works reflect a way of being, thinking, speaking and feeling. The lack of color stands out, because La Mancha was always a no man’s land and its isolation contributed to forging that Quixotic imaginative power.

From this breeding ground springs his sense of humor and his absolutely original mise en scène. Buleo loves to mix comedy and drama in an almost macabre way, with hostile universes, that are equally absurd. He introduces his characters in a muddy terrain from which it will be hard for them to escape and, because of which, viewers will suffer many emotions.

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