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Selected – 4th Edition

In the flesh

  • Director: Ainhoa Menéndez
  • Executive producer: Nuria Landete
  • Screenwriter: Ainhoa Menéndez
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Spain

Proyect selected at COOFILM 2019 and MFI Script to film 2020.


Mara grew up in different foster homes. Throughout her life she got used to being abandoned by the people she loves.  So, to get them to stay with her, she has no choice but to eat them.

Ainhoa Menéndez Goyoaga

Ainhoa studied screenwriting at ECAM and directing at EICTV (Cuba). She is a Berlinale Talent Alumni and won the Woman in action, awarded by Movistar+ and CIMA.

She has directed more than ten short films, highlighting her trilogy Dark Tales stand out; Fábrica de muñecas (2010), Unfarewell (2011), and Stela (2014), which were selected in more than 500 festivals such as Sitges, Guadalajara or Houston and won more than a hundred awards.

Restless by nature, Ainhoa is working on three feature films in different stages of development.

Nuria Landete Garcia

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid, she studied Film Production at ECAM and completed the European Masters in Film Production and Film Marketing at the Media Business School. During the last 15 years she has worked in different film production companies both in Spain and Germany, actively participating in more than a dozen films and TV series. She currently works in the film distribution department of Elamedia Estudios. As a producer, she is also accompanying Cinthia Delgado, director of Yo no soy mamá, selected in the first edition of CIMA IMPULSA.


Mara’s days  are  limited  to  her  job  as  a  supermarket  stocker,  where  she  is  considered  weird  by  her  colleagues,  and  to  her  hobby  of  collecting  dead  insects  to  build  works  of  art  that  she  hangs  in  the  hallway  of  her house. However, Mara’s bland life is turned upside down when she meets Sandra (30), a nurse, who helps her when she has an accident at  work.  Sandra  is  cheerful  and  lively,  unlike  Mara. Soon a  deep  connection  arises  between  them  and   they   begin   a   sentimental   relationship.

Sandra takes Mara to the nursing home where she  works.  There,  Mara  sees  how  she  takes  care  of  others  and  how  everyone  loves  her.  They  even  go  to  Sandra’s  house.  There,  Mara  meets her father Santiago (70), a sullen and sick man, whom Sandra has to take care of and who  mistreats  her.

Director’s note

Throughout  my  career  I  have  felt  a  special  interest  in  fantastic cinema and I have framed all my works within it. Within  the  genre,  the  recurring  theme  in  my  works  is  the  search for identity.

In the flesh delves  into  this  theme  to  narrate  the  love  story  of  my  protagonists.  Mara,  a  lonely  girl  used  to  abandonment all her life and who, in order to get people to stay with her, has no choice but to eat them; and Sandra, a girl who dedicates her life to caring for others, who radiates life  and  joy  but,  in  reality,  hides  deep  sadness  for  feeling  lonely. She self-harms as the only way to feel something. An intense connection will arise between them that will make them defy any established limits.

Producer’s note

Something that we all have in common is the feeling of loneliness that each one of us feels at some point in our lives.

When I read Ainhoa’s script, I was fascinated by how it portrays that need we have to feel accepted, that we belong to something or someone and how this feeling, if poorly managed, can lead to desperation that can even be destructive.

There are two characters who are not what would be considered normal, two freaks who, at the end of the day, are fighting to achieve what we all yearn for, acceptance by ourselves and by others.

In the flesh is ultimately a striking portrayal of how a girl discovers who she really is and finds love, in the knowledge that she is not conforming to the established norms.

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