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Selected – 4th Edition

Casa de fieras

  • Director: Eva Saiz
  • Executive producers: Raquel Pedreira and David Moreno (Almaina)
  • Screenwriter: Eva Saiz
  • Genre: Drama
  • Produced by: Almaina
  • Country: Spain

In what may be the last summer of his childhood, Pablo takes refuge from a reality he doesn’t understand by making up an imaginary friend who lives in the old menagerie in Retiro Park in Madrid, Casa de Fieras.

Eva Saiz

Graduated in Scriptwriting by the ECAM. She works as a screenwriter in different production companies developing projects for new platforms, and small advertising pieces.  She wrote and directed Woman without a child, her first short film as a director, which, among others, won the Biznagas for Best Direction and the Audience Award at the Malaga Festival, the first award “Ciudad de Alcalá” in Alcine, Roel for best script at the Medina del Campo Film Week, Best New Director at the Fugaz Awards and went through the Official Section for Clermont Film Fest.

Her next short film, Magical Thinking, will be shot in summer 2021 and it is an excerpt from her first film, Casa de Fieras.

Raquel Pedreira y David Moreno

Raquel Pedreira works since 2008 coordinating production and post-production processes for the advertising and corporate sector and the production of short films. She’s been executive producer and production director of, amongst others, all the shorts listed below. In addition to financing them (with the support of ICAA, CAM and Movistar +) she has also been in charge of the sales and distribution of all of them.

David Moreno combines the writing of film and television series with the production and direction of his own short films. He has collaborated as a writer in the series Fariña (Atresmedia) and In death row (Movistar+). He is currently developing El inmortal, a new series for Movistar + (DLO). He has written Black Beach (Esteban Crespo).

Together they have produced: Magical Thinking (Eva Saiz, 2021); There will be monsters (Carlota Pereda, 2020), Óscar Desafinado (Mikel Alvariño, 2014); and all the shorts written and directed by David Moreno: Moscas (2018), Nini (2016), Zombi (2012), Socarrat (2009).


Eight-year-old Pablo meets Lucas, another boy his age, at a challenging time in his life.  He has  no  friends  in  his  neighbourhood.  His parents spend   more   time   trying   to   resolve   their   relationship   issues   than spending time with him. But thanks to Lucas, Pablo finally has someone to play with and thus escape all the anguish that surrounds him. There’s just  one  problem:  Lucas  isn’t  real.  He’s Pablo’s imaginary friend. When Lucas suddenly disappears, Pablo feels more alone than ever and doesn’t hesitate  to  run  away  from  home  in  order  to  be  with  his  friend again.  For an entire night, Pablo wanders the streets of  Madrid  trying to  get  to  the  old  menagerie in  Retiro  Park,  where  he  thinks  Lucas  is waiting for him. From  Pablo’s  point  of   view,  Madrid  at  night  becomes  a  more  sinister and dangerous place than the dark forests in horror stories.

Director’s note

Casa de Fieras is an homage to childhood, understood as a different way of seeing the world.  It speaks of reality as subjective and  the imagination as a lifeline. It addresses the sense of innocence; which is not the lack of awareness, but rather the lack of unnecessary pain. But above all, Casa de Fieras is the adventure of a boy and a summer that he will remember, later  on,  throughout  his  life,  as  a  strange  but happy time.

Producer’s note

Eva’s new  story  not  only  maintained  the  virtues  of   her first   short   film,   but   took   them   further   with   genuine   artistic ambition  and  confidence  in  her  personal  and  non-transferable universe.

It was the  script  for The  Magical  Thinking,  a  special  and fascinating  short.  A vivid portrait of  childhood and children’s reality management mechanisms. Filled with authentic characters and organic dialogues that  captivated  us  from  the  beginning.  But this universe that was presented to us did not end there, it had its continuity in a feature film, this feature film: Casa de Fieras.

We immediately understood we wanted to develop both  projects  in parallel.  It made perfect  sense  to  produce  the  first  to  help  build  the second  and  accompany  Eva  in  the  passage  from  short  to  full-length film.

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